Forbes ranks Oklahoma 2nd best state for recent grads

August 8, 2014 Fox 25 Oklahoma City – Rewind back to 2008 and it wasn't uncommon to find recent grads searching for work for months on end.

The financial crisis for many meant waiting it out, sometimes for more than a year. The economy is still bouncing back but according to Forbes, Oklahoma earns the number two spot in the country for recent grads since the recession.

Affordable education, rising salaries, and a low unemployment rate are the reasons Forbes ranked our state number two. Which is exactly what the Vice President of Academic Affairs at OSU-OKC likes to hear.

Dr. Bill Pink says he wasn't surprised by the ranking and that industry partnerships have been the key to placing grads in jobs.

"When you have higher ed working so closely with industry. Not only do you see a good hiring rate, but you also see with those hirings they are getting the type of workforce that they need," Pink said.

Forbes ranked North Dakota as number one and Wyoming got the number three spot. A common thread that runs between the top three states is that they are all oil rich.

Billy Sprag goes to school in Denver but would make the move to Oklahoma City if his internship at Devon Energy turns into a job.

"You kind of start your adventure here in Oklahoma City and it seems up and coming," Sprag said.

His girlfriend Kelsey Messer who has been out for school for about year is also thinking about calling Oklahoma City home if the job works out.

She says it seems like the perfect time to come, before everyone gets in on a good thing.

"Nice to know that there is opportunity in places that may not be close to home," Messer said.

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